Our Investments cater to Cleantech Sectors, providing Good returns & Positive Impact for lifetime.

Multiple solar panels placed on rooftop


  • Invest in Fractional Solar Projects
  • Get returns for 3  to 10+ years
  • Create lifetime of positive impacts

Electric Vehicle

  • Power the EV revolution with your Investments
  • Earn upto 18% returns
  • Help reducing tail-pipe emissions in Urban areas
A white nissan leaf an electric car being charged.

Lithium Batteries for EV

  • Invest in just batteries which is more than 50% of EV cost
  • Earn upto 18% returns
  • Investments starting from Rs. 10,000/-

Waste Management

Coming soon

Three dustbins are shown in the picture with red bin is denoted for recyclable waste, green bin for general use and the blue bin for non recyclable garbage the background of the bins are white in color.
a farmland with systematically planted green crops

Sustainable farming

Coming soon

Water & Waste Water

Coming Soon

waste water treatment plant

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