About Us

Greenifit is a next generation platform that bridges the
gap between Clean Technologies and FinTech Solutions.

About Greenifit

Greenifit is a next generation carbon management platform that provides data-driven approaches to decarbonization actions and sustainable development. This platform has been developed by Spoctech Green Ventures Private Limited which was incorporated in April 2019.

Greenifit’s Carbon Management Platform enables you to Measure – Monitor – Minimize (3Ms) carbon footprint for your business, supply chain and consumption.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the catalyst which helps the global community achieve carbon neutrality to foster sustainable development.

Our Values

We are on a mission to redefine your relationship with clean energy and enable you to smoothly adopt green lifestyle with easy access to finance.

01. Care for Climate

02. Integrity

03. Quality

04. Respect

05. Fast

Care for Climate

We believe in cleaner and greener Climate which provides a comfortable environment to the global community.


We believe and practice the highest standards of integrity in everything we do in our business.


We provide quality products and services to our clients & customers which provide best value for money.


We always value everyone with dignity, respectfulness & professionalism


We believe that being fast is always better and therefore we deliver our projects as fast as possible to deliver best values.

Management Team

Naveen Alle
Co Founder, Director
Hitesh Hiran
Co Founder, Director
Vikash Sharda
Co Founder, Director

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